4th of October 2016

written by Saskia



1. It keeps you in shape


When you get into the habit of cycling it keeps you in good shape almost automatically cause you think about it more as a form of transport rather than an actual exercise.


2. It´s the best way to get to know your way around


Especially when travelling, cycling is the best way to see a lot and get to know your area and streets.


3. You save a lot of money


Not having to pay for the bus/ car you save so much money over time.


4. It gives you amazing skin


No joke . When you cycle everywhere you´re automatically spending more time outside which makes your skin glow !!


5. It is quicker than walking (No shit !! xD )


I love walking everywhere but no I will not spend one hour just to walk to a class or work so cycling saves me time.


 6. It gives you independence over time


Cycling is fairly quick and not having to be dependant on bus schedules and being able to leave in your own terms is definitely worth the ride.


7. It is sustainable


Diminishing my carbon footprint makes me feel less guilty about polluting the earth.


8. It makes you more feisty


Cycling in crazy weather conditions makes you way more persistent and able to handle being uncomfortable which is a good quality to have.


9. You don't need to find a parking


As long as you've got your lock your bike can pretty much fit anywhere and saves you grey hair of stressing out over being late because of parking


10. An amazing butt


No explanations needed.

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